If you were a firemanics memoribilia collector or interested in fire service history in the late 1980's you may remember

FIREMANICS as a popular, though short-lived magazine. A number of life changes, increased postal regulations and rates

and other factors led to the demise of the magazine. But we never lost our interest in this exciting part of American history

nor our desire to share it with others. Times have changed and we've decided to give it another try. The site will be free,

updated regularly, and open to contributions from readers who want to share firemanic history information with others.

Many of our first articles will be updated versions of articles in original issues of FIREMANICS because of the large number

 of requests we've had through the years for reprints of these stories. We realize the internet now provides access to many

 more readers than the original magazine. We welcome your input with dates of firemanic events, articles of

interest, old photos and helpful information on the collecting and preservation of fire service artifacts and written and

oral history. Thanks for your interest and we'll be online with articles by the end of January.

For more information please contact doncollins.journalist@gmail.com or firemanicsonline@gmail.com



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